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                                                                                                             LIVE HAPPY & HEALTHY LIFE     



  “Life is all about Better Health, Precious Memories

& Love and Care.”

                              Blogs by  Priya



“Life is all about

Better Health, 

Precious Memories, 

Love and Care.”


I am Priya Kotwal, I write blogs and develop web pages and many more. This is my first website and I am happy to share the information and tips in my blogs on how to keep good health. It is based on my self-experience, suggestions, advice, and inputs from family & friends who have a vague knowledge about some of the healthy recipes, exercises, yoga, and many more for leaving a happy and healthy life. This blog will also give you many recipes and will create an interesting one for people who are foodie……..

My blogs are mainly into health, recipes, and wellness.

Health is wealth: Your health is important, life depends on it. Please do visit the site and get benefits, share it with your friends and family.

I did not have to make up about the articles as I have gathered facts from my own people and tried to put them in front of you.

Enjoy my current blogs…..

Create Memories, we never know which picture is going to give a smile on your face. Memories are the only thing which do not change rest everything else. Capture the happiness in frame and celebrate…

Cooking is a part of life, its necessary and an art, in-fact hacks to make tasty and wonderful food and serving to loved one is pleasure.. Dining with Friends and Family is great..

Feels like colors are the smiles of nature,  These flowers are looking amazing and pleasant to eyes and soul. So the travel which connect to world and the beautiful nature which is god’s creature. Travelling helps to develop personality, gain knowledge and better experience. 

       Life is Beautiful

Precious Memories

Time is very precious many of us refer to Me time and family time, creating memories with it is really amazing which leads to happy life. “Me time” is family and friends time, its my belief. We do parties, get together , travelling and so on ,,, it will be fun filled moments. People enjoy being alone too, by making their favorite food , solo travel etc. For some yoga and meditation is everything. “Me or our time”, let’s enjoy the moments, frame it , celebrate it and memorize it…

Better Health

As there is a thought “Old is Gold” going back to old traditional methods whether it is cooking with herbs and spices or using first aid from kitchen it always has benefits. When health is perfect then everything looks perfect and better and happiness to live in. Nature walk, social life-chatting with neighbors and mates sitting on the bench makes mind fresh and relief…

Love and Care

Love is not just between one boy and girl. It is emotional and selfless feeling for each other. The bond and concern between two people. Loving someone is like long-term commitment where trust and emotions are tied, where care is short-term like helping people. To live in the this beautiful world Love and care is needed. Love each other, care someone… Have blessed Life



What Site Visitors Say

Good write up and very helpful for layman people to understand and follow. Keep writing, awaiting more blogs on Health and life……”

“Waiting to see some on parenting..”

Thank you so much for stopping by my SITE, I am committed to bringing you the most valuable content possible.