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Only Quality Life


Having quality life means you are blessed with good health and just not blessing its your effort, you know its importance and maintain to keep yourself healthy .


Is modern life style  good for you…?

We have many objects to discuss in this article, in particular, health problems due to the modern lifestyle, impact and effects of it, and what is your present-day lifestyle.

How is your day, your routine eating norms, living habits..? Did you switch completely to modern method, however, we are very grateful for some modern process and life. Which really helped in many areas as improvements in science, technology, life has become effortless. Survival has become easier and approachable. But adhering to a few old methods or practices will make you better person. I have collected points to share with you…

What is modern life & How modern methods of lifestyle affecting our health..?


So, if no modern method means, it is a simple living concept/ traditional method.? If we go back ages we can see many changes we have adopted so far thinking about modernization. I am only prioritizing health customs. It was all-natural and considering food or air to breathe in. The true measure of wealth is the quality of the food we eat and water!  Nowadays we have exposed too many calamities, yes I have refereed to calamities as it has become dangerous, the food we consume, the air we are inhaling. Earlier there was no harsh chemical sprayed on food, no toxic material used in the kitchen, clean water and do it by yourself process (chores).

Happy to see my grandmother at the age 80 that she is still able to manage her stuffs, and have seen my friends sharing pictures of their grandparents preparing food and do their chores. Can we just pause saying older people were strong and lived healthy long life and there is no guarantee that we live a healthy life till 50 age. There must be some reason why they were so resistance, can you give a chance to yourself the changes you have done to your lives can it bring back.  You will see what are those easy revive habits we can actually bring it back and edify the same to next-generation…

When talking about ancienter we remember our grandparents and their practice of living. How were our ancestor’s lived.? This question is valid to ask them, you feel worth asking them tips and guidelines which will help you to structure your life and health in a better way. you know there are better ideas in the past and can learn from.


This article includes Steps we can change still to get benefits on health prospect.:

1. What is Modern lifestyle/Method

2. How Old/traditional elements we can bring to our lives

  • Kitchen
  • Oil
  • Drinking water 
  • Copper Vessel/medicines
  • No dining table
  • Wash foot outside
  • Clothes
  • Bathing
  • Sitting on floor
  • Eating method/food

3. How were our ancestors and their living style?

4. Stay Connected

How our ancestors Lived…?

We belong to a different county, different region, different culture, but when the topic comes on health irrespective of all these our forefather and their generation lived with greater health compared today. Hence we can involve some of their gratitude of living and try to keep our health better. Does it sound sense…

Here are my findings: They lived with values, things that they were using was all-natural, no plastic or material made with toxic content. They used to walk long distances just to reach their schools and to their work area. That itself was a great physical activity for them. Their eating habits were rich and healthy, Meditation was their part of life. In the name of ritual they used to take specified spice and related dishes from which they would get benefits. Maintaining hygiene and social distance was one, it is from THEN not NOW.

Now that we see a pandemic crisis “COVID-19″  which has reset our lifestyle way back to our same as our ancestors used to live.

Modern life is being easy for us to live and it has increased the factors of an acceptable lifestyle like technology, modern art, and modern medicines, etc. Along with these approaches old and traditional methods would be helpful to live healthy.

What are the traditional and modern approach?
Traditional: old and well-established techniques or customs
Modern: refers to something being used now based on new development in science, engineering, and social changes.

So question arises are you following any modern method which is affecting your health and can you still change and go back to traditional methods.? We see people are less interested in physical activity, eating wrong food (not including the right diet), addicted to vehicles that now we forgot to walk and look for a bike key to go even for a shop even the distance is just a half meter.
There are many such examples that affect our lively hood by implementing a modern lifestyle. I am listing below a few of them, if you feel any other changes which can be implemented in present life, please do comment below. I would be happy to note it down share the same in this…

Did you know “The study from WHO tells that around 60-85% of the worldwide population does not engage in enough physical activity”

What are Old/traditional elements we can bring to our lives…

These are basic and unchallenging methods to follow and it starts with KITCHEN

1. Kitchen: The kitchen is the most popular room which becomes the main source to keep our health maintained good. Look for the product/unit you use in the kitchen, are they safe,? avoid using plastic which is toxic i.e. Plastic cutting boards and plastic containers to store food. Using aluminium foil. Using non-stick cooking pan/Teflon coating. Dish soaps, now in the market there are organic dish soaps for which you can definitely switch to instead using the chemical substance on your plates and dishes. Switch to organic soaps and cleanser, avoid Canned foods cos it is hard to find that don’t have BPA. Can use wooden cutting board, use glass or steel vessels, to cook steel pans or copper vessel and mud pots are really better. Our elders used copper vessels to cook food and plates to serve.

The kitchen is best to find immediate medicines for minor health issues; considering spices and which helps in immune-boosting. find more details on

Oils: There different types of oil and different cooking methods with it, But sticking to cold-pressed oil and unrefined oil is better. maybe they are costly but your health will thank you later. Such as mustard, canola, olive, sunflower, soybean, sesame, groundnut, and Ghee is one of the best and healthy options available for cooking in India. It is greater for digestion and has antibacterial properties, improves the functioning of the brain. And good for the skin.

My grand ma always used unrefined oil. Unrefined oils have more flavors, colors, and fragrances than refined oils. Unrefined oils are more nutritious and have a shorter storage life than refined. Unrefined oils are best used unheated in dressings or with low heat sauteing or baking. Below are the differences and give more idea to choose right oil.

Drinking water from copper vessel: In ancient India, people had a practice of storing water in copper vessels. copper is popular because of its purification property there are many health benefits drinking from a copper vessel. Kills bacteria, aids digestion, anti-aging, aids weight loss, promotes heart health, combats anemia, brain stimulator.

Dining on the floor: these days you enjoy your meals sitting on the couch or in front of the TV or on the dining-table this practice is wrong. Sitting on the floor and having food has benefits rather than eating in a relaxed position. Benefits are, It aids digestion, sitting down on the floor with crossed legs helps to improve our digestion process. Putting plate in front of u slightly bending forward and come back to the original position, this repeated action triggers stomach muscles and increases the secretion of stomach acids and allow food to digest faster.

Eating on Banana leaves: It is healthy in every way. it has packed with polyphenols, which are natural antioxidant that is also found in green tea. They are also antibacterial properties that can possibly kill the germs in food.

Why you should not stand and drink water: Ever your elders advised you to sit and drink water slowly..? yes they have been asked us to do so, but we do have habit getting home and drink water right away, often standing. Having believe that there is nothing wrong that water can do. Reality when you stand to drink water you do not get the required nutrition. Because it is important to consume water in the right manner. If not then it might you at risk of potential health problems. According to Ayurveda our body designed in a way that we get maximum benefits when we sit down and exercise. if you do not do so the water passes through the system directly to gush not really reaching the organs which is supposed to. it deposits in kidneys and bladder. There is why our elders always suggested sitting down to eat and drink water.

Wash foot outside/Leave your footwear outside: I have seen people just enter houses with their shoes on, Is it not a good habit to leave your footwear outside your house or can leave near the door can be easily accessible. Else you carry infection or bacteria to your house, after walking on your shoe outside the entire day and not leaving them outside in inviting harmful bacteria into your living area. So its always better to leave your footwear outside your house and disinfect them regularly.

Earlier footwear was not allowed inside the house and it was just compelled to clean your foot before entering.

Clothes: Clothing describes your style and living style but there are clothing and styling are culprits that affect your health. Wear comfortable clothes, season-wise like: during summer it is good to wear cotton clothes. Wrong clothing may harm your body and health, skinny jeans, tights (tight pants), high heels, Shape wears.

Bathing: When to avoid Taking a Shower: Right after eating, taking bath is wrong action, because digestion requires a lot of energy and a good amount of blood flow towards the stomach. When you take a bath or shower right after eating dinner, it causes a slight decrease in body temperature. It is advisable to wait at least 30 to 45 minutes after any meal before bathing.

Weekly Body oil massage and hot water bath: In Ayurveda it is called Abhyangasnana. 

  • Applying oil and taking bath has more benefits for the body – it helps the skin to rejuvenate and removes the toxins from the body. It helps to retains skin’s elasticity. Warm water is pleasing to the body. 
  • Massaging with oil increases the blood circulation  and massaging head with warm oil relieves from stress and strains that mind is going through.
  • IT stimulates the nerves
  • The gentle oil massage relaxes the muscles, reduces inflammation and helps in strengthening of the muscle.

Eating method/food: We do highly encourage each one to openly explores the variety of diet plans and approach nutritional strategies. When we look at our diets and how we choose to nourish ourselves, it’s becoming more apparent all the time. we know that we r losing something efficiency towards health and diet. To our grandparents most of our grocery shelves are u recognizable sometimes we must stop and take a step backward. What our ancestry used to eat, mostly organic and traditional and basic logical diet. Grains, wheat is eaten more today, rather than exploring millet in our diet chart. When I was a child I was hardly seen people suffering from diabetes, hypertension below 60 ages, now it begins at 25 and cardiac arrest at 30. The reason is stress and a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits. adapting to an ancestral diet your body ill be stronger and more responsive to your physical fitness goals because it is not zapped with unnatural preservatives and additives contains in the in processed food and drink that detrimental to your body biochemistry.

Replacing rice to some extent with millet, sugar with jaggery. Replace your cold drink/soda with coconut water/fruit juices… 

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