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Choose Dance as a way for better health..!

Dance is a Therapy

Hey, Do you agree with this.? Lets analyse and know more…

Did you ever ask yourself How flexible your body is? Do you like to do workouts.? What is the method of exercise you follow.? Is your routine planned with some exercise, if so do you involve proper method of exercise.? These questions are necessary. Here I want to share the knowledge that proceeding with exercise must have warm-up and stretching. Stretching is important for body flexibility. I have seen people stating that they do not feel much interested in exercise(workout) instead of what else we can adopt as routine to stay fit. When discussed the same with my friend I have come across that if a person is in love with DANCE then definitely he/she can imply in their daily routine instead of workout at gym i.e. STRETCH and DANCE. I will be discussing how useful this sort of exercise for you.

When you are lagging in health, everything else in life suffers. If you make your health a priority then things go smooth and all areas of your life are abounded by wellness. Here in this article, I have tried to explain how health is connected to dance or visa versa. It has proved that dance is one of therapy for many illness aspects.

If asked what is dance what explanation you could give, “it is an art or stress buster.” is it, but it’s not just that its the way of maintaining your entire body is also true.

Are you thinking why am I connecting health blog to dance? You will have answers to all your questions. 🙂

Lets first understand how curious you are to know about DANCE..? why because dance is beyond what we think its beautiful, energetic act and motion, which makes you look perfect through inner and outer body. There is a particular method to follow any dance. Each dance form has typical steps to follow. You will understand as you keep reading further……..

Why dance is the best thing you can do to your body. Dance is one of the ways and therapy to keep your health fit. Dance helps to keep you in shape and a balanced body. You reignite your feelings and emotions when you dance also helps for mental health.

How curious you all are about DANCE… Are you feeling why am I connecting my health blog to dance? Yes, this is all about beautiful and energetic topic say DANCE. Not just dance lets stretch and dance….

This blog will bring you notice that how dance is great for your overall health. After grasping the importance of dance you will surely think to join dance.

Know more about Dance (Stretch & dance)

There is a surprise to listen to that dance is beneficial for both mental and physical

health. This is considered to be one of the best therapy to treat against stress and


Dance is a positive way to support health and fight obesity. Dance is a lively exercise and a related method for many. It is an expression of feeling and emotion. In many parts, dance is celebrated as ritual (ceremonial dance) and these dances evolved purpose. It has become many people’s ambition and makes a career. Different forms of dance are unique and special so that it can be spread all over the world.

What do you feel, what might be the purpose of DANCE is it just fun, express inner beauty and feelings/emotions? Right, but also it makes you stay fit and healthy and have a balanced body.

If you are fond of dance then please join dance class/fitness facility, after training you can be a professional dancer along maintaining with your own body fitness. Is not sounding interesting…!!

How STRETCHING is important.?

When talks about fitness our routine starts with exercise. Exercise is definitely important but what about stretching is that back seat to your exercise routine.
Why stretching is also one important aspect? Because stretching focuses on the flexibility of a muscle-tendon unit promotes better performance and decreases the number of injuries. It will help you to improve your joint range of motion to improve your athletic performance to decrease the risk of injury.
Most dancers use stretching as the only way to get ready for dance. And before stretch warm-up to be injury-free.
When music is on what do you do, how does it feel? here what happens, when you listen to music multiple areas of the brain are activated including those associated with movement attention and memory that releases of dopamine that makes your heart fulfilled with joy and confidence of course, that make us feel rewarded.
It has the capacity to make you more confident, become socialize, and determination of keeping healthy fit and fine. What else do you need if all together you are getting from stretch & dance?
It brings new hopes and removes negativity around you when you dance u feel happy and bring your stress down. Is it not the best solution to manage your stress and anxiety?
It is beneficial and helpful to get the train on dance so that you can stretch and dance with injury-free.
It is generally accepted that stretching and dancing will make you fit. Wear your shoes follow along…

Dance allows you to be active, meet new people, and fall in love with new hobbies. This is one of the best platforms you to get into people, feel more enthusiastic, and one step to be happy and healthy.

Benefits of Dance:

  1. Dancing can make you fit.
  2. Lubricates Your Joints.
  3. Boosts Oxygen Supply.
  4. Gives You a Full Body Workout.
  5. Helps Relieve Stress.
  6. Dancing is a whole body workout and fun full.
  7. It is good for your heart and makes you strong.
  8. Improve your heart and lungs
  9. Improve muscle tone and strength
  10. Weight management
  11. Better coordination, agility and flexibility
  12. Increase in physical confidence
  13. Greater self-esteem 
  14. Reduces pain and stiffness
  15. Fact to know 30 mins dance class burn 130 to 250 calories, as same as jogging.
    It is not only just fun-filled and makes your body fit but also it is health-promoting physical activity where your entire body gets into motion. Along with the flexibility of the body, it increases metabolism. Dancing yourself to a happier mind one stress-free zone.

Is DANCE good for weight management ?

Yes definitely, Choose the right dance, effective dance routines for weight loss are mainly jazz, cha-cha and street dance like hip hop and salsa. These high energy dance routines can be compared to intense workout at the gym and often yield the result.

Different forms of DANCE..

  1. Zumba: You might have noticed lot of gyms these days offer zumba dance class for their clients.
  2. Ballet: Mostly performed to classical muscle.
  3. Bharatnatyam: It is wonderful cardio workout, improves blood circulation, good for bone density it is contact exercise.
  4. Belly: It is fun way to exercise, formed in middle east
  5. Hip-hop : It is more kind of free-styling, popping , breaking
  6. Tap: Focuses on beats and timing.
  7. CARDIO DANCE: Designed  for dynamic workout, achieving target heart rate, burn calories, increase metabolic         rate.
  8. Salsa: It is usually partner dance and emphasizes rhythms and sensuality
  9. Jazz: High energy dance style
  10. Pilates: Helps to rectify imbalance, this exercise teaches the muscle of your lower back, abdominal and hips to work together in balanced way.









Are you thinking how to start dance.??? here you will see..:)

You can dance in group, with partner or on your own. Just tune in some music and dance moving around your living hall. Anyone can take part in dance no age limit there are formal ways to learn dance.

Choose the style of dance you are interested.

Take a class at fitness facility.

Watch video series on YouTube.

Just grab your friend and take partner dance along.

The benefits of dance will envelop all areas of physical mental and emotional.

So are you loving dancing now??

Dance acts as key to improve your physical and mental health. It lifts your mood and keeps you mind sharp. Relives from Stress and Anxiety.

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