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Stress and Anxiety are abounding  our life.

Stress has become more common place and accepted in every day life. It has not just become daily problem of adults, all age from toddler, teen and adults facing and having stressfull life.

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After my first blog on immunity my friends recommended to me for a possible writing on the topic of stress and anxiety where people are struggling through a lot of pressure and anxiety because of various reasons viz: work pressure, domestic violence, love, and relationship.
I thought about this because I have seen my mother dealing with the stress when my father was ill… She stood by it and managed all alone by giving quality time for herself and having the satisfaction that she gave all her effort and possibilities to save him. She overcome with it.

Why stress and anxiety ruling your life?

In today’s world, competition is high wherever you want to initiate a step to grow in a career path or in educations also in maintaining work health life it has become terrified. People are racing in-order to achieve. This extended to pressure and feels difficult to cope up with day today’s stress and anxiety, and it may lead to compromise on your health, ultimately negative health will be the outcome.

It is ruling you because you are responding to it. Be calm, let you kill the stress not stress to you…

A saying by an author Sadhguru (Isha founder) “DON’T LOSE PERSPECTIVE: Stress is the natural by-product of human beings losing perspective of what this life all about. Their psychological process has become far larger than the existential process. This is the fundamental source of all sufferings.” 

Lets understand what is stress and anxiety?

Stress in my words when multiple demands or tasks running in your sub cautious mind and they are competing with each other, they make their own place and acquire your mind which leads to anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of fear, uneasiness, restlessness, sleepless nights, and worrying.

You are not the one many people experience stress and anxiety in day today’s life or time to time. These both always interfere in your life and lead you physically and emotionally…

However, it’s important to note that they are not bad always because, Acute stress: When stress rears its head, most of us stretch to meet demands, to look in positive side this is how we grow and get stronger to face the situation and accept challenges and move on in life. And Anxiety has the ability to increase energy and boost productivity.
Stress leaves you if they are short term. For instance: when you are in a new job or planning or big even have public speaking or so, stress will help you focus, motivate you to do well even it may your performance.
But Chronic stress: This stress wears you down over the years and can take metal and physical toll on your health. Constantly worrying and fearful act will definitely hamper your health and your overall lifestyle.

Stress and Anxiety are in one party, like you say one coin two faces. they are related, when you stress anxiety is triggered..

Not only elders, teens, aged people but toddlers are falling into stress, I came to know when I visited pediatric for my daughter’s general check-up doctor started checking the child’s BP. I was shocked to see that, Doctor stated the children who are 8 + years are having BP variations. So she has to do the procedure. Can you believe it?

It is natural to surround with stress and anxiety when it is for shorter time quickly you can heal it and come out of it., but when runs long time months together or having chronic problems like high blood pressure, obesity, depression and more such cases unable to face and defeat it then you may have to contact a medical consultant for treatment and for further help.

Support: Family and your loved one support make you stand for it definitely you will come out of the situation.

Stress on the body

These are chemical changes and have short and long term effects on almost every system on your body

Musculoskeletal System

Short term: your muscles tense up suddenly and release when the stressor is gone

Long term: if your muscles are always tense, can develop tension headaches and migraine.

Respiratory system:

Short term: Breath harder and faster, and can hyperventilate, which can cause Panic attacks in some people.

Long term: if you have asthma, breathing hard can make it difficult to get enough oxygen.

Gastrointestinal system:

Short term: You may feel butterflies in your stomach or you may vomit. your appetite can change and you can have constipation or heartburn

Long term: Stress can lead to severe chronic pain and change in eating habits. You can also develop acid reflux.

Endocrine System:

Short term: stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol give your body energy to either fight or run away from a stressor.

Long term: some don’t reabsorb the extra blood sugar, that the liver pumps out, and they 2 diabetes. also overexposure of cortisol leads to thyroid. also cause excess abdominal fat.

Cardiovascular system:

Short term: Heartbeats harder and faster and your blood vessels dilate, pushing more blood into your large muscles and raising your blood pressure.

Long term: Consistently elevated heart rate and blood pressure and stress hormones can increase your odds of heart attack, stroke. It can also affect cholesterol levels.




Causes, from where the stress starts…?

  1. School: I want to share one short story, my friend’s son got into big school for grade 1 starting days were difficult for him, he started to vomit with stomach ache and frequent headache. After consulting they got to know that CHILD is not able to handle the pressure. Parents handled carefully with school management requested the teacher to act softly for a few days once he is settled all will be good to go. Yes it worked child is happy in school. The problem with child was big school different environment was fearful and could not adjust. Because of uneasiness child was going through gastrointestinal problem.
    2. workplace : Pressure in completing the tasks, late night works, peer pressure
    3. Expectation in Relationships, demanding or commanding in relations
    4. Trauma: If a loved one is ill or any death at home
    5. Financial stress
    6. Medical history: Stress from serious medical illness and Side effects of medications.
    7. Emotional Problems (Anger, guilt)

Food is always unique and magical. Here are some best superfoods for reduing stress and anxiety.

FOOD & YOU: Right food choice can help to ease symptoms of anxiety disorders. Surprise but the fact every aspect can be judged what we eat how we eat. Intake of food affects in many ways either positive or negative. choose the right food to live healthy…

  • Cherry
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Oatmeal
  • Avocado
  • Walnuts
  • Spinach
  • A glass of warm milk
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Kiwi
  • seafood
  • Yogurt
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Turmeric

Stop Stress, Do not respond..! How to cope-up

  1. Exercise: when u exercise regularly you will feel more confident & energetic.
  2. Manage pressure: Do not give much pressure to your brain, plan your tasks .. prioritize what needs to get done and make time for it. Its a habit of a to-do list.
    Eg: I do this when I have to cook 3 meals a day 😉
  3. Try to say NO: Try not to take more than you can handle. it is a way of controlling stress.
  4. Sleep/taking rest very important
  5. Diet: Eating the right food on time maintain to maintain good health diet.
  6. Live for yourself. Do not live to please others.
  7. Social: Stay connected to others. Spend time with friends and family ( dance and laugh together).
  8. Stying positive: Say yourself encouragement thoughts.
  9. Do not overthink about the same matter.
  10. Self-love: Self-talk and self-motivation. Talk to someone who r close and understand you.
  11. Positive thought that “this shall also pass”.
  12. Reduce caffeine
  13. Supplements like Vitamins, Iron and Calcium promotes stress and reduce anxiety.
  14. Light a candle: burning candles with scent help to soothe your stress as most calming and reduces the feeling of uneasiness… Eg. lavender, rose sandalwood, orange blossom.
  15. Chew gum: Yes I have seen my husband always chew gum. He says it relieves stress and enhance calmness. Research found that when chewed more strongly it promotes blood flow to your brain.
  16. Music – listen to the soothing music: choose your favorite instrumental music as it can induce the relaxation response by helping lower blood pressure as well as reduce stress hormones. At my home, we practice to dance to our favorite music twice weekly twice for one hour. This also helps in family bonding.
  17. Take YOGA class. Deep breathing exercises can help activate the parasympathetic nervous system which controls the relaxation response.

Please comment below what are your stress reliving areas and how you deal with it. Did you feel pressure and stress anytime? ? What’s your thought?… When I checked the same with my friends about the same I have revived responses as they perform any of their hobbies cooking, yoga, travel to a favorite place and some practice self-relaxation, mediation, play with kids…

Stress reliving ares: Dance, Yoga, Cooking and Nature walk so on……..

Yoga & Meditation




Be calm and kill the stress

Experiencing stress is like nightmare or feels like some monster dream in bed. “But there are many possible ways to overcome and mange it, avoiding negativity from mind also will definately will help to manage stress and anxiety.”

          What happens in my family to balance Physical and Emotional stress.

1. Play favorite songs and instrumental music twice a week.

2. Dance with family thrice a week.

       3. Frequently asking family members or each other about problems, related to work or about life.

4. Encouraging to maintain healthy diet and yoga/exercise.

5. Talk to friends and family friends.

There are many therapies to get treated for stress and anxiety while in search of reading an article on stress I have come through the best therapy which is zero expense and enjoy at home is that “dance therapy

More details at:

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 Thank you very much for your valuable time spent in reading this article.


Wishing u all peaceful life…..​